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Baking/Cooking your face?

Kim Kardashian West is not only one of the most talked about women, but probably one of the most influential too. Women across the world are constantly trying to re-create her signature makeup look, her signature hair, and just her … Continue reading

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Gradient Eyebrows by Pala Foxxia

Hey ladies, so I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to properly do Gradient eyebrows, and since I haven’t started my YouTube videos and it’s not really something that’s easy to explain in words, I decided to find … Continue reading

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Springtime ‘Shirt’ Curls (semi-heatless)

It’s about that time again…Springtime is slowly approaching and I cannot wait. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, the weather is bright and beautiful, minus ‘Spring Showers’. Overall, it is perfect for outdoor activities, such as; park, beach and … Continue reading

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