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Mario & Kim…can we name a better duo? ( corny, i know ^_^ ) Anyways, back to my post, Kim and Mario met 10 years ago and it’s safe to say we’re glad they met and created the most iconic … Continue reading

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My first attempt on the Double Dutch/French Braids

Inspiration: My First Attempt: It’s not perfect, but it was my first try ^_^

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Baking/Cooking your face?

Kim Kardashian West is not only one of the most talked about women, but probably one of the most influential too. Women across the world are constantly trying to re-create her signature makeup look, her signature hair, and just her … Continue reading

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In love.

So I’m a huge fan of highlighters and I have been using this one particular highlighter and I find that it works amazing on every single skin tone. From the fairest to the deepest skin tone, it works amazing and … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Contour

There’s no doubt that women all over the world want to know the secret on how Kim Kardashian achieves her perfect contour/highlighting combo; I know I certainly fall in that category. Most women have searched online, on YouTube, and have … Continue reading

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