ABH Prism Palette

I have a love/hate relationship with holiday collections. I hate all things that are Limited Edition, because I love them so much. I try to limit myself to 2 new holiday palettes a year ( which is usually purchased during the VIB sale )

I knew the moment I saw the swatches of the ABH Prism palette it was one that I needed. The shadows are so creamy and they blend so easily; I try not to reach for it as often because I know I can’t repurchase it 🙁

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Ourfa X Morphe Vinyl Lipstick Collaboration

There is just something about a comfortable liquid lipstick, and it’s so hard finding a good one. If you’re familiar with the beauty world, Ourfa Zinali you know that she has been in the works with a liquid lipstick collaboration with Morphe brushes and it was finally launched this year. I knew based on her style that I was going to purchase it and I’m so glad that I did. The shade she created, Vinyl is the most beautiful, perfect 90’s shade and the formula is one of the best – in my opinion. ( Oh and the price is $15 for a liner + lipstick ….which is amazing )

*Pro Tip : Don’t keep layering the product- it will get thick and ball up like any other liquid lipstick. *

It’s super pigmented and I only needed 1 good coat.
My only issue with this product is the fact that it’s Limited Edition

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Favorite Brow Products of 2017

I have yet to find better brow products than the ones that Anastasia Beverly Hills sells. I’ve been loving a dark bold brow ( probably because that’s everything I lack lol ), but these have been my go to’s last year.

^^The shade I use is Granite

^^I went between the shades Ebony and Granite

^^I used the Clear brow gel and a tinted brow gel from ABH in the shade Espresso ( I ran out of it, so that’s why there is no picture )

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ABH Ultimate Glow Kit & my honest thoughts

I bought this palette when Sephora was doing their 20% VIB sale ( November 2016 ) and when I first used it, I didn’t like it so I pushed it aside. A few months later I decided to give it another shot and was so glad that I did, this palette was absolutely beautiful. I know a lot of people had mixed reviews on it saying they were disappointed and they weren’t a fan of the quality, or it was too glittery; but a lot of people fail to realize that just because you don’t like a product doesn’t mean it’s bad. We are all different and may not like the same things, but you should never bash a product; simply say it wasn’t for you and move on. I actually enjoyed this product so much that I was looking for a backup and luckily I found one 40% off at Macy’s.

*This product was limited edition

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Favorite/Most Used Concealer for 2017

Concealer is one of those products ( minus foundation ) that is so hard for me to fall in love with, but I’m so happy I finally found a concealer that does everything I want and works so well for me. This concealer is full coverage, and blends so well and I haven’t had any issues with it creasing.
I’ve tried so many different concealers this year and I’m always going back to this one. The only downside is that it’s an Ulta Exclusive product, so you won’t find it at Sephora.

For those who are interested, I use the shade Medium & Tan but not together ( well sometimes ). I prefer the shade tan for days when I want to look more natural-ish, and I reach for medium when I do a full face.

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Favorite/Most used Glitters for 2017

I’m a huge fan of glitter and would wear it everyday, and to be completely honest I do try to find someway to incorporate it into my looks. I fell in love with Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Liner in Midnight Cowboy early last year and decided to grab a few more shades; Pyro & Grind ( newer shades ).

Midnight cowboy is a gorgeous gold, Pyro is described as a iridescent and silver glitter and Grind is a light pink iridescent glitter.

These liners are so easy to apply, there is absolutely no fallout and it dries down pretty fast and you can deff build it up. If you are in the market for glitter, I highly recommend these and the best part is there are so many different shades.

^^^ Pyro, Grind & Midnight Cowboy

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Mini Haul from The Ordinary

I’ve been wanting to try out this brand for the longest and as soon as I found out that Sephora was going to carry it online, I made sure to stay on top of it as soon as it was launched. There was a few other products I wanted to get my hands on, but they were sold out.

I’ll be trying these products out this week and either I’ll post a video reviewing it or make another blog post for you guys.

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Favorite/Most Used Eyeshadow Palette of 2017

This has been hands down my most used/reached for palette for the year of 2017. I’m dissapointed that I didn’t purchase it sooner, but better late than never. The shadows are beautiful, the formula blends flawless and I really can’t say enough good things about it. It looks a bit intense, and I only took such a long time to get my hands on it because I hate spending money on things I won’t use and to my surprise I didn’t plan on falling in love with it. I’m glad this is part of Anastasia’s permanent line 😉

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