BH X ItsmyRayeRaye – Current Obsession

I know I posted a video giving a brief first impression and using this entire palette to create a fun face (shadow, highlight, contour) but I honestly cannot say enough good things about it.  I was so disappointed in myself for not getting my hands on it sooner, but I’m glad I was still able to.  I remember walking into Ulta and watching every single color from the palette ( I had to go into the bathroom to wash everything off the first go lol ) and I kept telling myself that I didn’t need this palette ( since I’m trying to use whatever products I already own, I’m not a wasteful person and I try to use everything up ).  So anyways, me and my boyfriend left the store and I got home and saw the swatch of the highlighters still on my arm – because I wanted to see what it would look like under different lighting.  Anywaysssss, I walked into our office and said, ‘ I’m gonna sleep on this, but I’m pretty positive we’re gong back tomorrow for that palette ‘

In the morning, I didn’t want to chance anything, so I called Ulta and asked them to hold it for me and I’m so glad that it’s mine.  I really hope they make this palette permanent.  Everything was so easy to blend and the pigmentation is out of this world, if this palette isn’t permanent I hope they find a way to make highlighters stay.



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