Trophy Wife

First let me start off by saying how much I adore Rihanna, and when I found out she was launching a beauty line; I was ecstatic. 40 different foundation shades right off the bat is unheard of!!!
I’m not one who orders foundations online, unless I know it’s my shade so I went in testing different shades and was a bit heartbroken that my perfect shade didn’t exist.
I first tested out 300, it was too dark and yellow for my skin and 290 was too light for my liking ( I also tried out 3 additional shades ). I know what you’re thinking, why not mix shades? I wasn’t trying the spend $70 to get my shade and the foundation is not full coverage, it’s more along the lines of medium ( If you don’t know, I prefer full coverage foundations ). Don’t get me wrong, the foundation is absolutely beautiful and if your shade exists I think you should try it out. It makes your skin look so healthy and if you get a little oily, blotting your face will make it look as if you freshly applied it on, instead of the foundation separating and your skin won’t look blotchy.

Aside from the foundation, I skipped out on a bunch of products because I wasn’t trying to spend unneccessary money. I did however pick up ‘Trophy Wife’ and oh my GOD.
This highlighter is on a whole other level of blinding, it has glitter in it, so if you’re not a fan of that then I would pass on wearing it as a highlight but it’s beautiful as an eyeshadow and to pop in your inner corners.

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