ABH Ultimate Glow Kit & my honest thoughts

I bought this palette when Sephora was doing their 20% VIB sale ( November 2016 ) and when I first used it, I didn’t like it so I pushed it aside. A few months later I decided to give it another shot and was so glad that I did, this palette was absolutely beautiful. I know a lot of people had mixed reviews on it saying they were disappointed and they weren’t a fan of the quality, or it was too glittery; but a lot of people fail to realize that just because you don’t like a product doesn’t mean it’s bad. We are all different and may not like the same things, but you should never bash a product; simply say it wasn’t for you and move on. I actually enjoyed this product so much that I was looking for a backup and luckily I found one 40% off at Macy’s.

*This product was limited edition

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