Carli Bybel Palette – Her GO TO Mauve Look ( AND MY THOUGHTS )

I know many of us were on a waiting list for the Carli Bybel Palette. I couldn’t believe how quickly it was Sold Out 🙁 . Anyways, I finally got my hands on this palette and let’s just say, it’s the ONLY palette I’ve been reaching for. I kinda feel bad, because I purchased a few other palettes and I haven’t even taken them out of the box yet… oops

So back to the Carli Bybel Palette, it is such a universal palette and it looks great on everyone. I’ve had palettes from BH Cosmetics, but these shadows are so different. The shadows are not chalky, they’re highly pigmented, they blend so easily and it’s just so buttery.
As for the highlighters… INCREDIBLE, there’s nothing else to say about it.

The packaging is cute too, it’s very sleek and not bulky at all… it’s perfect for traveling ( which I have been taking it with me everywhere for the past month and a half ). The price is so affordable, I purchased mine for $12.50. So if you were wondering whether or not you should try it, I’m here to tell you to hurry up and grab this palette before they take it off their website or raise the price.

Bottom Line: I cannot say enough good things about this palette, but I wish this would be a permanent item 🙁

I’ve also been loving Carli’s ‘GO TO MAUVE’ look, it’s so simple and I can’t get over how beautiful it looks.


If you haven’t seen it, you probably should ^_^

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