Step by Step look using the ABH Artist Palette

I’m really loving this step by step look created by @thecinemascoper


1. Sweep Dusty Rose into the socket, keeping it nice and diffused.
2. Apply Baby I’m A Star to the outer C and underneath the lower lash line. On the upper lid, blend in circular motions toward the lash line and inner corner to spread the color.
3. Blend Aubergine into the outer crease, upper lash line and outer corner. Also apply to the lower waterline.
4. Clean up the look by applying Buttery underneath the eyebrow and on the brow bone. Blend into the transition shade. Also apply to the inner corner and center of the lid to lighten this area.
5. Apply Beigely over the inner corner corner and tear duct, blending well with Buttery.
6. Apply Orange You Fancy to the center of the lid and lower lash line to add dimension.

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