MAC: The Matte Lip Collection 2015



MAC Cosmetics has released a Matte Lip Collection which has made it to their permanent line. These 22 shades are available online on May 28th and in stores June 11th, 2015.
The lipsticks will retail for $16 and the shades are:

*Ruby Woo- Very matte vivid blue red (Retro Matte)
*All Fired Up- Bright fuchsia matte (Retro Matte)
Flat Out Fabulous- Bright plum matte (Retro Matte)
*Dangerous- Orangey red matte (Retro Matte)
Runway Hit- Light nude matte (Retro Matte)
Steady Going- Light pink matte (Retro Matte)
Matte Royal- Deep blue (Matte) (New)
*Instigator- Deep blackened plum (Matte)
Antique Velvet- Intense brown (Matte) (New)
Stone- Muted grayish taupe brown (Matte) (New)
Studded Kiss- Dark oxblood red (Matte)
Persistence- Peachy cinnamon (Matte) (New)
*Velvet Teddy- Deep-tone beige (Matte)
Whirl- Dirty rose (Matte) (New)
Naturally Transformed- Muted golden beige (Matte) (New)
*Kinda Sexy- Neutral pinky rose (Matte)
Please Me- Muted rose tinted pink (Matte)
Tropic Tonic- Full power coral (Matte) (New)
*Heroine- Bright purple (Matte)
Men Love Mystery- Lavender violet (Matte) (New)
D for Danger- Brick red (Matte) (New)
Pink Pigeon- Bright cleanest pink (Matte)






Currently I own only 7 of the 22 shades ( I placed an * next to the ones I own), and the only one I don’t like from my collection is Heroine ( I’m not much of a purple lipstick fan, but I think it’s because purple tends to make your teeth appear more yellow rather than white )

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