My Holy Grail Face Mask

Most people don’t give in to the hype of face masks, I’m not one of those people. I make sure I apply a face mask on 2-3 times a week. Usually I apply different masks throughout the week, but as of late; I’ve been reaching for just one.
After using this mask for a month, I started noticing a huge difference in my skin, my breakouts were going away and I wasn’t noticing any new breakouts. I also felt my skin was looking ‘cleaner’ and smoother.


The best part of this mask is the price. I purchased mine at the Vitamin Shoppe for $6.99 and I mix it with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. When using this mask, mix it in a glass bowl and apply generously on your face and you can literally feel your face pulsating. After I rinse it off (warm water and a wash cloth), I notice a little redness, which is normal. My skin feels cleaner overall.


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