Riri’s Hearts MAC Holiday Collection 2013

We have all been crazy obsessed with this beauty icon, and I swear; everything she creates is mind blowing. From music, to makeup products. The beauty community went crazy every since the first time MAC and Rihanna collaborated, her products were sold out within minutes. Since her new lipstick, Pleasure bomb sold out within 10 minutes, everyone has been talking about getting this lipstick in stores.


Today was that day, and I’m guilty of waking up and getting to the Pro Store at 10am to make sure I grabbed a few products before it was sold out.




She has 2 brand new lipsticks, which I had to get my hands on; Pleasure bomb (which is a retro matte fuchsia) and Bad Girl Riri (which is a retro matte taupy-nude). Both of these lipsticks are Limited Edition and she also has her popular Riri Woo (which is a retro matte cool red with blue undertones). These lipsticks are $16.50, so it’s a little more than their regular lipsticks. Please keep in mind that with this line, due to it’s high demand, you are limited to purchasing 1 of each item.


So who was able to get their hands on some of Riri’s products from this Holiday Collection and what are your thoughts.

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