Riri’s Summer Collection Collab with MAC

Most of us can agree that Rihanna is absolutely amazing…from her music to her style. I remember seeing a pic of her and I couldn’t stop obsessing over her ‘red lip’… it was what I believed was the ‘perfect red’ and I knew that I needed that in my makeup bag. I soon came to find out that it was Mac’s Ruby Woo, and went out that same day and to purchase it. I was in love and was finding myself reaching for that color almost everyday for 2 weeks. As soon as I found out that Riri was doing a summer collab with Mac for the summer and she was going to have her ‘Signature Red’, I knew what that meant for me.


June 18 at 12pm EST, I swear MAC’s website broke.
The amount of people trying to place their orders for the Riri’s Summer Collection was insane. It took my literally 5+ hours for me to actually get through and by that time, most of their products were completely sold out. I was lucky enough to place an order for all 3 lipsticks; Riri Woo, Riri Boy & Heaux.




I have wore these colors over and over and I’m in love with all 3 of Riri’s lipsticks. I am, however extremely disappointed because Riri Boy & Heaux are discontinued. Maybe in the near future, Riri and Mac will bring it back & then I can stock up šŸ™‚ (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that one)

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