Mini Walmart Haul

It was about that time to re-stock on a few necessary essential items.


The first item is actually one of my favorite makeup wipes, I have been using these for the past 6 months; they are from the (1) equate beauty brand and it’s the exfoliating towelettes. It comes a 2-pack which has 120 towelettes and it’s super affordable; it was under $6. I really like these because out of all the makeup wipes I’ve used; I find that these gently exfoliate my skin and it doesn’t burn my eyes. The second item (2) is the new Maybelline clean express, which everyone has been raving about. This product was only $5, since I use a lot of waterproof mascara, this product is suppose to cut through heavy/waterproof eye makeup with ease. The next product is a dry shampoo (3) from Suave. I was interested in a new dry shampoo and since it was under $3, I’d figured that I would give it a shot. I also saw (4) a bodywash from Dial, and the only thing that caught my eye was the name of the scent….Coconut Water with Bamboo extract…yeah, I was instantly sold. Now this next product is the (5) new Garnier BB skin renew made for combination to oily skin. This product is suppose to give a light to medium cover and is suppose to control the oil throughout the day, and finally the last product (6) is some good old fashioned hair ties from Goody.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I will follow up with my reviews 🙂

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