Jessica Rabbit.

Being a makeup artist isn’t just about mastering a ‘smokey eye’, or perfecting your ‘eyeliner’. Being a makeup artist is about being creative and stepping outside the box; stepping outside your comfort zone and having fun doing so.

I was watching ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ on Netflix and decided that after saying I wanted to attempt a ‘Jessica Rabbit’ look for the longest time; why not just go for it… so I finally did.

I understand that this look has been re-created by many, but this has been a look I’ve wanted to achieve, just because she is probably in my opinion the sexiest cartoon character ever. Please also keep in mind that this was my first attempt.
I have had people ask me how long did this look take to re-create, and to be honest with you; the longest process was concealing my eyebrows. I used a glue stick, added some concealer, then a little powder to set the concealer and just repeated that process a few times until you couldn’t see my eyebrows anymore. And to save time, I only did one eye; since my hair was covering the other (but I still concealed that eyebrow)

The only edit done to this picture was making my eyes green


And for this picture, we attempted to color in my hair red. I’m well aware that there are some spots that aren’t perfect; but like I stated; it was an attempt.


I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and there will be more creative looks posted soon.

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