Premiere Orlando Hair & Beauty Show 2013 Purchases

As I promised you all, here are just a few things that I purchased at the Hair and Beauty Show. As you can all see below, there are quite a few makeup bushes 🙂 . Underneath the brushes are a few makeup brush cases and a clear makeup bag. The last thing I purchased is a waterproof liquid eyeliner in black from Stilla. ( comment below, if you’re interested in seeing a review on this eyeliner )

I also purchased a few hair products from the BigSexyHair Volumizing Collection : Big Altitude, which is a mousse that activates volume once heat is applied the hair. The Volumizing Dry Shampoo, which is self explanatory, and Powder Play, which is a powder that literally melts on your fingertips, but when applied to the roots of your hair; it gives amazing volume.

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