In love.

So I’m a huge fan of highlighters and I have been using this one particular highlighter and I find that it works amazing on every single skin tone. From the fairest to the deepest skin tone, it works amazing and it’s deff worth $35.



We are all very familiar with the gorgeous Kim Kardashian, and her amazing makeup. One of her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has created this highlighter and this is how he describes this product.

“EYE M GLAM is a sheer highlighting powder that will give you the most gorgeous, golden glow. Using GIELLA mineral pigments, I custom blended EYE M GLAM while sitting on the floor in my apartment one evening, determined to come up with the best highlighter. I wanted a product that would give all my clients a consistently sheer and natural glow. Being able to use and test it on my celebrity clients for television, photo shoots and on red carpets has helped me perfect EYE M GLAM into a universal shade that is flattering on all skin tones.”


This is deff one of my favorite makeup products at the current moment. What I love about this product is the fact that you only need a tiny bit and in this case; a little goes a long way. When I first applied this product on, I won’t lie, I put a little too much on 🙁 . So, please start of with a little and look at your face in natural light before deciding that you want to add more product on. I love using this on my inner corners of my eyes to brighten up the eyes as well. ***Just a tip and suggestion 🙂

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