Say Goodbye to dark circles

I’m a huge fan of Michelle Phan, and victim from dark circles. But let’s be honest, no one wants to spend tons of money to only find out that a product doesn’t work. Then not only are you stuck with those ugly dark circles, but also a whole in your wallet. I came across this video and I did a little bit of research before deciding to post this video up. ( I refuse to post anything that I don’t believe in )

After watching this short video, I decided it was time to test this product out. Of course you will not see results right away, but it’s deff worth a shot.

If you try this out, please comment below letting me know how this has worked out for you and in another month or so, I will post pictures of my results. Also, if you know of any other DIY for dark circle, or actual products that has worked for you, I would love to hear your recommendations.

Thank you 🙂

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