May’s Glam Bag

So I’ve been receiving these awesome ‘My Glam Bags’ for months now, and I absolutely love them. And I know a few people have been asking me tons of questions about where I got ‘that product’, ‘that shade’, or ‘that cute little sample’ from and of course the makeup bags. Well, now you know 🙂

This is a $10 subscription each month, and it includes a makeup bag and anywhere from 4-5 makeup products. Just google ‘my glam bag’ and you can pull it up and subscribe.

So, if you want to see what I received in my May’s Glam Bag, please keep reading 🙂

First, let’s start with this cute makeup bag that all the products come in. It’s a chevron print with a dark blue, teal, orange and white pattern. ( I’m a sucker for makeup bags )



The first product in my bag is a nail polish from (1) Zoya called Jacqueline. It’s a vanilla color and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Zoya is one of my favorite nail polish brands, I feel as if i never need more than 1 coat, and certainly lasts without applying a top coat.

Moving on to the next product, it’s a bronzing body butter from (2) Pacifica in Coconut Crushed Pearl. I do love the scent of coconut, but I feel as if it’s one of those fragrances that’s either awesome, or not…I’m not too crazy about this scent, but when I applied it one, it had a great shimmer effect; which I liked.

The next product is a full lipstick from (3) Mirabella in the shade, Posy ( more like a deep pink ). I haven’t yet tried the color, but from what I swatched, it’s very sheer lipstick. I ran the color back and forth a few times to really get the full effect.

The fourth product is a champagne colored lipgloss which is from (4) Juice Beauty, and go figure the color is called Champagne 🙂
When I smelled this product, it reminded me of oranges…now that doesn’t mean it smells like oranges, it just makes me think of them. I can’t really place my finger on what the scent is, so my apologies
The lipgloss is more frosty and there is no taste and just a little sticky.

The final product is a sample concealer in the shade (5) Buff from Yaby. I’m pretty obsessed with concealer, and why not? Their purpose in life is to conceal your imperfections and dark circles.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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