Stay put, Red Lips.

So how many of you ladies love red lipstick, but hate the fact that the lipstick doesn’t last, or just bleeds onto your face?
This is actually a really simple fix, and with only a few extra steps. Keep reading if your interested on seeing how i keep my red lips on throughout a night out.

First step: You should always exfoliate your lips, and please make sure that you pat your lips dry.

Then take some powder and brush that onto your lips

Take your favorite red lip liner and line your lips, after the lining is completed, go ahead and fill in your entire lips with the same liner. This will help your lipstick last.

Proceed with applying your desired red lipstick; you can use the lipstick straight from the tube, or use a lip brush.

Blot gently

Add a little more powder to your lips

Another coat of your red lipstick

*This step is optional; you can add a lip gloss on top for a glossy look

The final step is to take your concealer and clean up the edges of your lips. Please blend your concealer into your foundation for a natural finish.

That there you have it! Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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